Our Ethos

The CCL Academy has been delivering CISI, Financial Services Induction and Wealth Management training for over a decade. 

This combination of qualification training in key examinations with a wide range of non-examination courses help instil, develop and enhance the capabilities of the participants.

All of our Financial Services and Wealth Management training courses include real-life case studies and exercises enabling the delegates to learn by ‘doing’ and ensuring they will be able to put into practice the skills they have developed.

Our trainers pride themselves on keeping up to date with developments locally and internationally meaning our courses are always relevant, topical and incorporate the latest financial and economic developments.

Our CISI study courses include extensive test practice to help candidates build their confidence, as well as a robust and comprehensive system for monitoring and assessing their readiness for their CISI CBT exams.

Our courses can be tailored to your needs and provided on an ‘in house’ basis – enabling our experienced trainers to work with you to create the perfect programme for your needs.